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By the sea (south of France)
1889 - 1968
Oil on board
17 cm x 27,5 cm
Signed at bottom left « Devry »
Denis Divry is a painter of sea and harbors in the south of France ((Istres, Martigues, Sanary...). Our painting , in very good condition, is a nice exmple of his work with fine clors and a beautiful light. 


A female roe listening in Rambouillet forest
Olivier de PENNE (Attribué à)
Paris, 1831 – Marlotte, 1897
Oil on pannel of wood
33 x 26,5 cm
Old stamp on verso « Chevrette aux écoutes (n8) / Forêt de rambouillet (effet de neige) / 300. / ol. De Penne ? / 1896 »
Olivier de Penne studied with Léon Cogniet and Charles Jacque and he is famous for his hunt scenes and hounds in painting. He exibited at teh Samon i Paris between 1857 and 1897 and his works are present in numerous museums in France  (Senlis, Chantilly, Gien, Rennes...).. Our painting is interesting and charming because of the subject (a listening female roe, alert, in the woods, precisely located actually in Rambouillet forest) and by the well done effect of snow in winter. 
Young girl at the fountain


Metz, 1823 - Paris, 1886

Oil on canvas

63.5 x 42 cm

Signed and dated lower right "A. Hadamard / 1875"

Number 1003 of the Salon des Artistes Français 1875



At the Salon des Artistes Français in 1875, Auguste Hadamard exibited "a girl by the fountain". This painting is characteristic of the art of this academic painter known as one of the most distinguished pupil of Paul Delaroche who will be successful at the Salons with his genre scenes (The bakerhouse, The Reader, The forbidden fruit, The reprimand, The absent ....) and with his portraits, in the following art of his master Delaroche with a sharp drawing and teh taste or pittoresque historical details.


A princess waiting


Avanton-Paché (Vienna), 1875 - Hendaye, 1918

Oil on oil

75 x 41 cm

Signed lower left "A. Plauzeau"

Artist from Poitou in France, Plauzeau studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts with Jean-Léon Gérôme from 1897. He exhibited at the Salon of French Artists from 1900. He will have adopt two styles, an academic, following this master Gerome with historical and allegorical subjects and an impressionist style with local subjects on the evryday life of the people of Poitou.

He had success in both genres, won prizes and medals but his career will be shortened by war in 1917. In his style and in his subject, our painting is very close to Plauzeau painting in 1911 entitled The end of a reign -The crypt of Saint-Denis (a medieval queen mourns her husband in the crypt of an abbey), a painting in the museum Sainte-Croix in Poitiers which organised in 1985 a major retrospective to this unfairly not enough known artist.


Sorrente (near Naples)
Lodovico RAYMOND
Turin, 1825 - 1898
Oil on canvas
71 x 111.5 cm
Signed and dated "L.Raymond / 1892"
Old stamp on verso "Littorale di Sorrento"
Painter born in Turin, Raymond studied with the neoclassical painter Carlo Arienti in the Accademia Albertina in the 1840s before painting large compositions based on Antic history. He traveled a lot and so painted a number of landscapes. His art is caracteristic of a certain symbolism with bright colors and a meditation atmosphere. The subject of our painting is a beautiful sunset in the Bay of Naples where the compsoition and colors give an idealized view of an idyllic landscape.
Price: 3.200 €
The Castle of the Englishman in Nice from the Lazaret

François BENSA

Nice, 1811 - Nice, 1895

Oil on oil

48 x 73 cm

Signed lower right "F. Bensa"


François Bensa is known as a painter of Nice and its surroundings, a painter specilased in landscapes even if he received a classical artistic education and spent almost five years studying painting in Rome with his master Joseph Castel between 1829 and 1834.

His period of production is 1834 to 1873. He was also a professor of drawing and painting and even for a long time the only official teacher in Nice.

His subjects are therefore Nice and its surroundings ("The city from Lazaret", "The road of Genoa", "The road of Villefranche", "Carabacel", "Saint Helena", "The road of Turin" , "The Wood of the Var" "The Tiranty Garden" ...). And our painting is a view of the "Castle of the Englishman" seen from the coast, the Lazaret. Bensa was admired for the quality of his colors and the precision of his drawing. And he was also particularly good at shedding light on the coast and render the atmosphere of his region.

Price : 4.000 euros

The polish officer and the child
Château-Chinon, 1859 - Paris, 1924
Oil on panel
41,5 x 32,5 cm
Signed and dated at bottom right " HCHARTIER / 1901"
Henri Chartier is a painter specilased in military scenes from the napoleonic time. He sutied with Alexandre Cabanel and exibited his works at teh Salon in Paris from 1885 (La Bataille de Wagram, Après la charge: Hanau 1813, 14 octobre 1806: Iéna,...).
It is here a scene and a portrait of a poliqh officer member of the imperida guards. They came from the poish artistocracybecame famous after  Wagram in 1809. In 1810 thery adopted the spear after having proced its efficacy to the emperor. Their hemlet was decorated with golded copper with teh "N" for Napoléon.

Price : 1.500 euros

Portrait of a child in Normandy
Honfleur, 1809 – Honfleur, 1895
oil on panel of wood
15 x 13 cm
Signed at bottom left « g. hamelin »
When the museum Eugene Boudin was founded in Honfleur in 1868, teh apinter Eugène Boudin said regarding the future collection : « One should before all look for Gustave Hameklin paintings (…) . He is nonetheless the first among us and he left little jewels in painting, portraits in particular... ».
Our painting is one of these small portraits in Normandy. Eugène Boudin offered aother one with a simiar compostion , of a young girl , to the museum at Honfleur. What is caracterisqtic is also the modeling of the head - Hamelin studied painting with Ingres - and the simplicity of the attitude and of the expression. He painted these little porraits in the 1850s and 1860s. Hamelin exhibited at the Salon in Paris in those years. He tought drawing and also a photograph workshop in Honfleur.

Price : 1.500 euros

Christ crowned with thorns
Gustave BRION
Rothau (Bas-Rhin), 1824 – Paris, 1877
Oil on canvas
38 x 30,5 cm
Inscription on verso « G. Brion »



A Horse with a child

Alfred ROLL
Paris, 1846 - Paris, 1919

Oil on canvas 34 cm x 48 cm
Signed and dated top right: Roll / 1873

Alfred Roll was interested in horses in 1873 and 1874 in Roscoff and at the Alfort veterinary School. He realized many studies at the time which will result in Salon paintings, including Halte là ! in 1875 and The Huntress in 1876.

Alfred Roll painted nature as a faithful witness, he painted vivid scenes with men but also animals especially cows and horses. It is the same spirit of naturalism of which Alfred Roll is one of the first representatives in painting, to bring man and nature. Moreover, as noted at the time by the art critic Paul Vitry "its animals, nudes, portraits are bathed in light rays. They drink the sun. But their reality is no less nonetheless". This is possible because, as his biographer Jean-Valmy Baysse wrote, Roll has "powerful intuition of the purely instinctive life in these animals, whose look, attitude are rated one gulp if safe "(Alfred Philippe Roll, his life, his work).

Our painting is perhaps the picture painted in 1873 "Horse in Roscoff" mentioned in the inventory of the painter's work. Works of Alfred Roll are present in many museums (Orsay, the Petit Palais in Paris, Museums of Fine Arts of Bordeaux, Pau, Valenciennes, Nantes, Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Savannah in Georgia (United States)...).



Jean-Baptiste POISOT

According to Pierre-Auguste COT (1837-1883)

Oil on panel

26.5 cm x 17 cm

Signed lower left: Poisot / P. Cot





Our painting is a nice copy of a painting that gave fame at the 1873 Salon to Pierre-Auguste Cot, who studied with academic painters Alexandre Cabanel and William Bouguereau. The title was the Springtime. The original painting is now in the Metropolitan Museum in New York and belonged originally to the wealthy industrialist John Wolfe, who had been seduced by this "Arcadian idyll pepeered with French spice" representing "this reveling pair of children, drunken with first love". Cot's painting was so successful that it was copied for engraving, fans, porcelain, tapestry and of course painting. Jean-Baptiste Poisot painted after academic masters, portraits and genre scenes in the 1870s He always signed his name with the name of the original painter.


Needle-cliffs At Granville
Charles CANET
Paris,1850 – Paris, 1905

Oil on canvas

46 cm x 55 cm

Signed lower right: Charles Canet


Our painting is the number 330 exhibited at the Salon of French Artists in 1893 and was entitled Needle-cliffs at Granville. Cnaet studied with Le Seneschal de Kerdréoret and exibited at the Salon in Paris seasights between 1887 and 1900. His art is part of the painting influenced by academicism with a fine light, a very precise drawing and a very balanced composition. The description of the sea is remarkable and reminds us that these painters between Barbizon and academic art remained very close to reality while always looking for describing the most beautiful pittoresque sights.

Vue prise des environs de Chevreuse
Elisabeth-Léonie LASCOSTE-CHOLET
Nantes, 1821 –?
Oil on canvas 41 cm x 33,5 cm
Signed at bottom right : Léonie Lacoste Cholet
Inscription on an old stamp on verso : "Vue prise aux environs de Chevreuse"



Léonie Lacoste-Cholet exibited between 1839 and 1848 at the Salon de Paris and at the Salon des Beaux-Arts in Nantes under her maiden name "Cholet" landscapes in Normandy, near Nantes in Brittany and around Paris. A "View taken near Chevreuse" was exibited at the Salon de Paris in 1847.

Lacsote-Cholet studied with Victor-Marie Danvin who presented the Prix de Rome in 1829. Her typical romantic style, then fnidshed of her drawing and the choice of her views was apprecited at her timeand Léonie Lacoste-Cholet has also drawn landscapes for engraving.


Fishing Scene At Sunset
Theophile DEYROLLE
1844, Paris, - Concarneau, 1923
Oil on canvas 24.5 x 35 cm
Signed and dated lower left: TH Deyrolle / 1912


Théophile Deyrolle studied with Alexandre Cabanel and Fernand Cormon. He started with Alfred Guillou, the community of painters in Concarneau in the 1870s. His style, unlike the art of Pont-Aven is close to academicism, but was also faithful to the reality of local life (festivals, fairs, pardons, fishing scenes ..). In our painting however, there is an influence of impressionist art.
"Later, the Deyrolle palette is illuminated, he looked more vibrant and warm colors, the picturesque incident, the lighting effect. Is under the influence of the Impressionists success?" as Auguste Dupouy art historian from Concarneau. Deyrolle exhibited at the Salon from 1876 and his works are present in numerous museums including Quimper, Vitre, Lille, Pau and Musee d'Orsay.


Plomanac'h near Douarnenez (Brittany)
Emmanuel LANSYER
Ile-de-Bouin (Vendée), 1835 - Paris, 1893

Oil on canvas

43 x 59 cm
Signed and dated lower left "Lansyer 1874"
The descendants of the painter bequeathed 400 works by the artist to the city of Loches (Indre-et-Loire) who created a museum that still exists and exhibited from June 4 to November 2, 2016 "Courbet invited at Lansyer's home."


Louis Emile ADAN
Paris 1839 - Paris 1937
Oil on canvas 24 cm x 33 cm
Signed lower right: L. Emile Adan
Stamped at bottom left
Titled verso "Winter"




Adan studied with François-Edouard Picot and Alexandre Cabanel. He was an academic painter who exhibited at the Paris Salon between 1863 and 1937 genre paintings representing the image of the contemporary women in naturalistic scenes. He first focuses on the life in the countryside before painting women in their bourgeois interior in the 1890s. His academic art is caracterized by a very precise drawing and a realistic depicting of life but his art is not without warmth thanks to its bright colors and the expressions and attitudes he draws very living and well rendered.
His works are present in numerous museums in France (Nantes, Pau, Macon) and in the United States (Pfister Art collection Milwaukee, Widener University Art Gallery of Pennsylvania)


Italian Landscape
Jean-Baptiste TIERCE
Rouen, 1737 - Florence, 1794

Oil on paper

40 cm x 60 cm

Signed lower right: Tierce JBA

Private Collection (France)
Tierce studied with Jean-Baptiste Descamps in Rouen and with Jean-Baptiste Pierre Marie in Paris. He was a French painter and draftsman of landscapes whose career divided between France and Italy. In 1775, he accompanied the Marquis de Sade for a trip to Italy and illustrated his historical and philosophical dissertations on Florence, Rome, Naples and Loreto. In 1777, he entered the Academy of Arcadia Rome and he moved to Italy in 1779. He worked for the Piranesi and made Italian landscapes for amateurs such as the Cardinal de Bernis and the Earl of Orsay. He was married in Florence where he settled. He returned once in 1786 to France to enter the Academy of Paris and he then exhibited at the Salon of Correspondance.
The works of Tierce are rare but of a great finesse. They remind the art of Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre by the fine drawing and the beautiful realism in rendering reality, here the rocks, the waters and the atmosphere. His camaieu of colors reminds also the art of Jean Pillement . His personnal art of composition is both full and rich of small characters, with an emphasize on the foliage and landscape details.
Present today in the folowing museums : Louvre, Musée des Augustins in Toulouse, Museum of Fine Arts in Carcassonne, Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid, Palazzo Bianco Genoa.


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